Juliet Marine Systems (JMS) is a leader in the development of maritime transport technology systems to solve the needs of the commercial, civil safety/law enforcement and defense communities.
As a technology focused company, JMS is continually developing and identifying unique technology to meet specific requirements. We combine our proprietary technologies with proven systems level components to create new solutions to existing needs. With a small, highly capable and motivated team, JMS leverages the capabilities of relevant institutions, businesses and vendors to bring in their expertise and abilities while keeping the core staff lean and efficient.

Integration of Technology

We collaborate with universities and research institutions to gain specific scientific knowledge. We develop and use hardware and software that will produce needed results for development of a system. We focus on the optimal balance of internally developed solutions and wisely integrated commercial offerings.

Thinking Out of the Box

The current solution is our point of departure for developing the best solution for challenging requirements. Successful completion of complex maritime transport systems entails thousands of engineering and mission design decisions. We approach our development programs with a focus on identifying and applying, where appropriate, nontraditional methods. Our team's diverse experience in fields such as medical devices and robotics, combined with significant marine technology understanding, allows us to produce innovative answers to challenging problems.


Core Technology

JMS has developed intellectual property specific to the field of high speed small waterplane area twin hull (SWATH) vessels. We have solved the problem of controlling SWATH vessels at speed beyond 30 knots while delivering a smooth and safe ride. We have demonstrated drag reduction techniques that allow us to achieve 5 to 10% improvement in speed without added fuel or power, and without moving parts.


Deliver class-leading performance to commercial and defense applications through our propriety marine technologies, while continuing to innovate and advance the state-of-the-art in high performance marine systems.