What exactly does your technology do, how does it work?

Currently, we have two different technology solutions, SWATH control and drag reduction.


SWATH control allows us to make a hull form that is typically hard to control move smoothly and safely at speed. Our forward mounted propellers and digital control system make this possible.


One way to think about this is to consider electronic stability control which helps modern cars stay on the road as they move faster or into slippery conditions. That system uses computers to make decisions about application of brakes to keep the vehicle moving safely.


Drag reduction allows us to reclaim energy usually lost by conventional propulsion, the trail of bubbles you often see behind power boats, and redirect it to reduce our drag. We can actively manage movement of air around our hulls and we do so without pumps, fuel or moving parts. As air is much less dense than water it is desirable to have air around as much of the hull as possible.


One way to think about this is how turbo chargers on car engines use exhaust gas to drive improvement in engine performance. But in that case the exhaust gas drives other moving parts. The improvement in performance is real but it adds mechanical complexity. Our improvement does not increase mechanical complexity.


So what do these technologies offer users?

Our completed GHOST vessel demonstrates an incredibly smooth ride even at high speeds and in heavy seas. When regular vessels are limiting the effectiveness, or endangering the safety, of their crew our passengers can be sipping coffee. See our ride quality video.


Our micro bubble prototypes have delivered 5 to 6% speed improvement with no moving parts or fuel required. Our research indicates our super cavitation approach could deliver up to a 50% improvement. This added performance comes with no moving parts or added fuel/power requirements.

What applications would a GHOST vessel be suited for?

We see applications in many sectors. In defense roles, missions such as fleet protection, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and special operations are likely. Civilian government applications could include law enforcement and search and rescue. Commercially we see the offshore support and specialized ferry routes as likely beneficiaries of GHOST vessels. And of course a private yacht based on GHOST technology would be very exciting to look at, and a very comfortable ride.

What about GHOST, what does that mean?

We selected the name GHOST for many reasons. In a military configuration the vessel could be “low observable” while in all configurations the vessel floats very smoothly over the water, just like a GHOST might float across the floor.

How has this technology been developed?

We believe the pace of development and flexibility offered by private funds are superior to conventional Government research programs. We have focused on using private capital, which is typical for venture-backed startups. This has allowed us to innovate rapidly and secure our intellectual property. All JMS technologies are the output of a small team of expert engineers, technicians and marine operators.

How long have you been working on it?

While the company was founded in 2008, for a period of time we were required by the US Government to keep information about our technology secret. Our patents and research were delayed by these secrecy orders. It was only in 2013 and 2014 that we were able to significantly advance our technology.

Have you delivered any vessels yet?

We are currently demonstrating our prototype at sea and completing the scientific validation for our higher performance technology. We have an initial product configuration and are actively seeking our first customers.

Can you sell your vessels outside the US?

Yes, we are able to export our technology for commercial purposes to most nations. For defense sales, export licenses are required but we expect these to be available. We are very interested in international sales. If you are an international customer looking for more information please
contact us.


Deliver class-leading performance to commercial and defense applications through our propriety marine technologies, while continuing to innovate and advance the state-of-the-art in high performance marine systems.